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Adults require a mandatory spay/neuter contract
unless otherwise specified.

In regards to the non-rescued adults: When we began breeding, we knew these days would come... when we would have to retire some Chihuahuas that have lived with us for years, possibly since a puppy.  We choose not to breed our girls past 5-6 years old... certainly not 'til 12 years old, like some breeders. Some of our dogs have never been bred at all.  It's just not realistic to keep EVERY Chihuahua no matter how much you love them all.  Although it's tough on us, we know that we are doing the correct thing by finding a home where these guys can be the CENTER of love and attention.  We'll face the same sad heart as we do with our puppies, pretending they're like grandchildren going home to their parents.  Like all grandparents, we hope you stay in touch with photos, phone calls, and emails.
We genuinely like the people that have our puppies and adults.

"Rosey" dob: 2/3/2005 $300
Female, spayed, Smoothcoat. Color: Fawn  Approx 5.5lbs
"Sterling" dob: 6/21/2001 $300
Male, neutered. Longcoat. Approx 5 1/2lbs
Very Nice. Very calm.

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